Sell Your Vehicle


  • Marketing and Advertising on many of the most view platforms
  • Negotiations with Potential Buyers
  • Pre-Qualifying Potential Buyers – eliminating tire kickers
  • Listing on our Website
  • Financing for New Buyer
  • Selling your vehicle

Steps to be taken:

  1. Have your car Professionally Detailed
  2. Take a minimum of 6 high quality pictures – can accept more, especially pictures that highlights your vehicles better qualities and features.
  3. Contact Bob at R&B Auto Center:
    • Discuss and agree to a value of your vehicle
    • Sign a listing agreement and pay $299
    • Supply the signed agreement and images
    • Keep your vehicle clean and ready to show when an R&B Sales Agent calls you to schedule an appointment with a pre-qualified buyer
  4. On scheduled appointment day, bring your recently cleaned vehicle to R&B for a showing/test drive with the prospective buyer.
  5. Lastly, when R&B secures the buyer and financing is complete you will be asked to supply your current registration, title and/or bank payoff information. On that day you will be paid in full less the payoff that will be paid directly to your finance company.



  • R&B provides financing for new buyers
  • Pays the advertising cost
  • Having a professional 36-year auto dealership marketing and representing your vehicle
  • R&B Saves you Time and offers security
  • Setting appointments
  • Getting lowball offers
  • Talking with tire kickers
  • From having strangers come to your home
  • Having the knowledge and expertise of a 36-year professional dealer market and represent your vehicle


  • Call Center Rep calls the seller/owner and discusses the program and its benefits
  • Agent sets appointment for:
  1. Appraisal and evaluation of vehicle

  2. If appraisal checks out a "Listing Agreement" is drafted and signed.

  3. The vehicle will then be input into our inventory and advertised in our marketing - once the owner and R&B Auto agree on a price that the owner needs - R&B will increase that price by $700 to cover the cost of required Smog, Safety and Servicing of the vehicle.

  4. The agent will then field calls from interested buyers and schedule appointments to show the vehicle. If the vehicle is not on-site, the agent will need to coordinate with the seller to bring the vehicle for a showing with the prospective buyer.

  5. The agent will show the vehicle to the buyer, answer any question and test drive the vehicle with the buyer and complete the sale.

  6. Once the deal is approved for financing from the manager, the agent will schedule the vehicle to be smogged and safety inspected and to have the fluids changed and any safety repairs that were noted during inspection.

  7. When the vehicle is competed Agent will schedule a delivery date for the buyer and seller.
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